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We’re Magic

APRIL 27, 2016 by admin

One of the most exciting things about learning to record myself is being able to collaborate with different people easily. One of the differences between being an artist and not playing in a band is not being able to bounce ideas off the people you trust musically; people who push you to your limits creatively. I find it challenging working with different artists; it makes me work harder to come up with interesting ideas because I want them to like what I come back with. My friend Nik approached me last year when I had just moved to London, told me about his project ‘Ghostwriters Collective’, and asked if I’d like to be involved. I had just bought my first mic for home recording (Sontronics STC-3X) so thought it would be a good chance to do my first collaboration. Nik sent me the track and I recorded the vocals in an evening. I remember it was raining and I was worried you’d be able to hear it in the recording, but you can’t.

The lyrics originally started off melancholic, but with the music being so upbeat and dreamy I drove them in a positive direction. The song is about having someone who you’re going to hold onto, so when I was writing it I was thinking of a friend; someone loyal and caring. The lyrics then came easily to me after I had the right inspiration.

We’re Magic xoxo